Team Performance Management Essay

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ABSTRACT The proliferation of teams in today’s organization, makes employee performance management challenging. Individual performance management focuses attention where it should not be in a team-structured organization - on the "I" rather than the "we." Yet, social loafing too often results when people are not held accountable for their individual contribution to their team. Further, many of the prescriptions offered on effective performance management in team-structured organizations fail to consider that different types of teams require different "teaming" behaviors and may require different management methods. In this paper, I will discuss why individual and team performance management must be used simultaneously to assure high levels of individual motivation. I will also explore how performance requirements and management methods may vary depending on the complexity of the task that a team is involved in and team membership dynamics. I will also show how Goal-based management systems at the individual and team level provide highly effective motivational and developmental tools when they: (1) Actively involve employees, teams, and managers in the development of performance criteria; (2) Assure alignment of goals at one level of the organization with goals at the next higher level; (3) Flexible when used with slight modifications across a wide variety of positions and across different types of teams. My recommendation will underscores the fact that the use of team-based structures increases rather than diminishes the critical need for effective leadership in the design and implementation of performance management and reward systems. INTRODUCTION Performance management is a broad term as it covers a range of areas that relate to the measuring of individual and group performances and aspects of how individuals could be developed. In today’s working
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