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Team members’ roles Do you know what roles each team member must take for a successful job? You need a leader team. Then you must divide the work for each member; the team members’ roles need to be equal. To do a successful project, you need to divide the project; the first is the research, then the Power Point program, lastly the presentation. For a successful project you need to do good research. For example, the team members are four. Two of these members need to do the research process. It is better that half of the team are focused on this part, because it is not enough for only one member to do the research. The information will be poor and not enough. Also two members can divide the work; and make a better job and easily. Second, to do a successful project you need to make a good Power Point. It is very important to divide the other half of the team and organize the information into slides in the power point. It is a lot work for only one member Lastly, to do a successful project, you need to make a good presentation. All the team members need to present. It looks better with the whole team, because the team will have a more dynamic and interesting job. If only one or two members do the presentation, it makes it boring and poor. At this point of the job is the end, so the tem need to make a very good presentation to close the work. The team must follow the three steps that I have written about above to do a successful job. To do a successful project the team members need to divide the work; first the research, than the type in Power Point program, and the presentation. If the team members do these steps, the project will be

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