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Team Member Roles In this paper the different roles of a team will be determined by the roles of the members, as in the overall performance of the team. I will start by explaining the different roles . The leader will be the first role, the initiator (or brainstormer) the researcher, and the writer. I could go into more detail but those are the most important roles. This paper will go over these different roles one by one and describe each role and their responsibility to the team. It is very important to know your role when working in a team. When people don’t know their roles it makes for a frustrating and anxious team. Whatever role has been given it is very important that each member feel satisfied and knowledgeable of their role. It is also very important that every team member be involved in every area of research, writing, and presentation of the paper. (2007, Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management) I will start with the first role, the leader. A leader is usually responsible for setting the base agenda, putting together team meetings, and going over progress by communicating with team members. Also, the leader, time to time, settles disagreements within the team. The team leader plays various roles. The team leader needs to have a vision and a clear plan as to what direction the team is going in, and in doing so be one step ahead as to be able to lead the team. The next role I will go over will be the initiator or the brainstormer. This role is someone who suggests new ideas, and who can keep their mind clear to be able to listen to others ideas while keeping the team goal in focus. This title is not usually restricted to one person, in fact there should be several people who are part of the brainstorming. This way there are fresh ideas continually coming to the table. I believe that if there are not several people

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