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Assignment 1.3: Essential Work Team Leader/Member Behavior For effective Teamwork, there should be several characteristics for the leader as well as each member of the team; whether the context of the ‘Team’ exists in a corporate setting, local religious gathering, or a sports team. These characteristics differ from leader to member and should be upheld for the team to work effectively. Team Leader A ‘Good’ leader should possess the following characteristics to guide his team and ensure cohesiveness within it to accomplish the objective or goal (Schruijer & Vansina, 2002): 1. Good Planner 2. Organized 3. Detailed Evaluator 4. Listens & Gives Feedback 5. Motivator 6. Ensures Fair Treatment The very first quality of a Team Leader is that he should be a planner. In order for him to lead his team he should know where he is going, what goal/objective to be achieved and how to achieve it. The plan should be clearly identified, tasks are clearly assigned to each member and deadlines should be mentioned. If the Leader is not organized, neither will his members be and as such the accomplishment of the goal will be impacted. Another important quality of a Leader is that he should be a Detailed Evaluator and knows to evaluate/re-evaluate the plan as well as the output of each member. The other side of this coin is giving constant feedback to the team members. This is very crucial to ensure that the members are achieving the right tasks and achieving them in line with the objectives. Finally, a Leader should be a great Motivator to boost the morale of the members and energize them. He should also treat them fairly to maintain cohesiveness of the entire team. Team Members Essential characteristics of effective team members are (Batrol & Locke, 2006): 1. Knowledgeable 2. Reliable 3. Share workload 4. Good Communicator 5. Positive attitude An

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