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WGU SAT Task 2 C1. Team Goals The goals for Team Q are: 1. Our team will make every effort to keep on the designated schedule for this course. We will meet deadlines and due dates to be successful in this course. 2. Our team will use effective communication regarding all decisions and tasks necessary for this course, and be accountable for our input. 3. Our team will continue to develop our individual leadership skills by treating all team members with respect. Our team met over a conference call and each member was allowed input toward the creation of these goals. Staying focused on the assignments and completing the tasks in a timely manner was our priority in the creation of our goals. C1a. Achievement of Goals 1. Our first goal is difficult to quantify, as two members of the team were unable to join the first conference call of the course. I believe that the majority of the team members stayed on schedule for the assignments. As I completed my sections and submitted them to our compiler, I included the other members of team, as did most of the other students, so they could see my progress and completion. There were a few who did not do this, and I was unsure over the last two weeks whether they had completed their tasks. I had to assume that they had taken responsibility for their submissions, as I was never notified of their submissions. But, as a team, I do feel as if we achieved this goal and had our assignments submitted in the time period outlined. 2. Even as I began this this assignment, I was still somewhat unsure if all of the original six members were on the team. I sent out a quick email to make sure who the exact team members are. Our communication was adequate, but could have been more extensive. I am not a fan of Gmail, and I find it difficult to follow a conversation in the Gmail format. Many team members

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