Team Effectiveness Essay

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Team Effectiveness What are teams? Teams are an important element in the new high performance forms of organization. It is important to understand what teams are and what they aren't, if they are to be used effectively. Teams differ from committees, groups of co-workers, and other groups. Teams have performance goals to achieve and member of the teams feel mutually accountable for achieving them. What is the definition of a team? A team is defined as a reasonably small group of people, who bring to the table a set of complementary and appropriate skills, and who hold themselves mutually accountable for achieving a clear and identifiable set of goals. Teams can be very effective. It is almost imposable to open a business magazine today without some guru exhorting the benefits of working in teams. In many situations teams can achieve more than individuals working on their own. This is because teams can bring to bear a wider range of skills and experience to solve a problem. Teams also produce better quality decisions. When a team has been working on a problem, and they have a sense of commitment to the common solution. Teams can have their shady side. They are not always effective. They can be highly dysfunctional. They can develop a 'group think' mentality that can produce bad decisions. They can be disruptive, leading to arguments and discord in the organization. They can be enormously wasteful of people's time and energy. In short, teams can be good, but they can also be bad. In the new organization teams have a critical role to play. Work teams are used as the basic unit of organization. Problem solving teams are used to improve the way the organization performs, and management teams are used to develop strategy and to drive the changes. If the role of teams is to be positive, people must learn how to make them work effectively. What do we mean by team
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