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Project Planning in Teams NOTE: Use this paper only as a guideline for your own paper. Actual use of the paper or parts therein will result in plagiarism and resulting failure. The steps necessary to plan effectively and manage a project for which a team of individuals will be required to work together toward a common purpose are many. The first step is to evaluate the problem and assign a project manager with exceptional management skills with the ability to oversee the team and ensure that the project progresses smoothly. The proven procedure for establishing a comprehensive plan involves several specific phases, which the project manager must follow (known as the project life cycle). The four phases of the project life cycle are: Initiation, Analysis, Design, and Implementation. Each phase involves careful consideration and planning and each must be performed meticulously to avoid the possibility of failure to accomplish the goals set for the project. Initiation Initiation is the opening step and involves observing the problem in order to devise a preliminary plan to accomplish the required objective. In this stage the customer is required to lay out the specifications and expectations of the project. According to the Project Management Guidebook (2003), “Once a recommended solution is approved, a project is initiated to deliver the approved solutions. A ‘Term of Reference is completed, which outlines the objectives, scopes and structures of the new project and a Project Manager is appointed” (p.4, ¶ 1). The project manager should be able to determine if these specifications are practical and if not draw up a document of recommend changes and present them to all parties concerned. After authorization has been initiated, system analysis begins. A team will be picked and assigned to the project. The strengths and personality type of each team member

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