Team Dynamics Essay

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Team Dynamics: Creating a Perfect Team The construction of teams has been one of man and animal’s basic instincts. From cavemen to pack animals, teams of hunters have always been more successful than efforts of one. Throughout time, people have always found that their lives are more complex than that of the previous era. This way of thinking seems to ring true now more than ever. Thanks to people like Henry Ford – innovator of the assembly line (EyeWitness to History, 2006) – the business world today relies heavily upon teamwork. Creating a team with abilities to progress, create and accomplish goals is an achievement in and of itself. There are several factors required to produce a successful team. Teams are formed to cover all areas of life, and are essential for the creation and survival of certain ideas and beliefs. From the early years in America, to the common day of sports, team building dynamics have played an important role in creating a successful team. Before we can create a team, we need to understand what reasons there are for creating a team in the first place, what teambuilding skills are required to attain a team of great significance and how a team will last through adversity. In this complex world in which we live, individuals are always challenged with compromising issues that they must overcome in order to succeed. By forming teams, work has the potential to increase and, in cases, be multiplied exponentially; with the help of teambuilding, leaders emerge and goals are formed and accomplished giving groups the ability to meet certain objectives. Problems and workload are then given the ability to be completed in a timely fashion. For the completion of these and other goals to occur we must first apply the proper teambuilding skills. “The primary purpose of team building is to improve the effectiveness of work teams within

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