Team Conflict Resolution

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Individual Paper on Team Dynamics – Team Conflict Resolution Anna M. Lux University of Phoenix GEN300/Skills for Professional Development Gary Casey September 15, 2008 Individual Paper on Team Dynamics – Team Conflict Resolution Conflict among team members is normal, it is unavoidable, and is an essential process of the team environment. However, team conflict in itself is not a problem, the problem therein is how the team conflict is addressed and managed. Professional organizations will hire a person to assist them in planning, developing strategies, setting of goals, quality management, teambuilding, and training. However, these same organizations are hesitant in admitting that there is conflict, as admitting to having conflict is equivalent to admitting to failure and being in a situation that they consider difficult or impossible (Bernard, 2000). Through the course of this essay, we will address the dynamics of team conflict, which include the nature of team conflict, who is affected by it, when does it happen, why does it happen, and how team conflict can be resolved. Conflict as perception is when a person believes that his or her own needs, interests, wants, or values are not compatible with someone else’s. Conflict as a feeling is the emotional response to the situation that signals a disagreement. The emotional responses could be anger, fear, bitterness, etc., and when these feelings are felt towards another, it makes us feel that we are in conflict. Conflict as action, is made up of the measures we take to express ourselves to have our needs met resulting in the likeliness of interfering with another person having their needs met; an act of power. This type of behavior can be destructive, conciliatory, constructive, or friendly and no matter how the behavior is expressed, the intention is to express conflict in order to get what one
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