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According to Edwin Lock, he states that there are three steps that can manage team conflict; which is through collaboration . Lock said that the first step is to distinguish the difference between task and non-task. The second step he said was to find the right working together strategies are. Lock said the third would be to identify techniques that work when working in a team. Lock state the first move to make is to determine what kind of conflict is present in the team. (Lock, 2000, p227 ) There has been a minimal amount of study about Strategies to resolve team conflict over the years. Conflict tends to be one of the problems in the process of building a team with people that have never worked together and do not know what to expect. Getting to know what’s expected when working with a team can take away a lot of the grief involved when working with or under team members. This review can help team members get to know and view some forms of conflict and how to resolve conflict issues with the following questions: 1. What is conflict within a team? 2. How can an individual team member control conflict on their part? 3. Can conflict be a positive part in a team? Knowing the, what and hows of team conflict, can give the team a better understanding on how to resolve the conflict. If the conflict is caught early, there is a better chance that the conflict can be resolved. What is conflict within a team? According to Lock, team conflict is a result of team members having a disagreement and /or show incompatibility with a member or members within the team (Lock, 2000). Yet, Suzanna Laurent state in her journal on team conflict: conflict occurs because of issues and not over personality. Laurent also states team members bring themselves into conflict when they are really not what the conflict is about (Laurent, 2004). Researchers Jehn, Thatcher, &

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