Team Communication Essay

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Team Communication Dhara Trivedi GEN/300 Jenny Webb July 14, 2008 Team Communication Introduction: Communication is the most important aspect that makes the team function effectively. Since everyone is made differently and everyone thinks differently; communicating is very important for a team to reach its goal. Good team communication makes the team more effective and a team that doesn’t have good communication is the least effective. In the end, poor team communication often leads to a bad outcome for a project or assignment. Thesis Statement: Teams that have effective communication have more productive results. Production is minimized when members on a team are not communicating effectively with each other. Point 1: What is communication? How does it relate to a team? Point 2: Compare the good and bad effects. Point 3: Each example shows that which kind of effect does communication have on a team. Paragraph One: What is a communication? To understand how communication relates to a team define what team means. According to (Dictionary, 2008) team is a number of people associated in joint actions. So how people are jointly supposed to work with each other without communicating? Without talking to one another? One problem that teams have with communications is members that do not actively listen to each other. Confidence and communication go hand in hand. If a team member has confidence in what they are doing for the team or what a team member is doing, that can affect the productivity of the project. The lack of communication in a team leads to conflicts with other members. Each member has a part to fill in a team. When one member doesn’t come Paragraph Two: The basics of a team are good leadership and great communication between team members. Appointing a leader, delegating
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