Team Commencement Address

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Team Commencement Address Parents, teachers, staff and class of 2013, good morning. It is an honor to stand before you today to speak with you and congratulate these young adults for all the hard work they have put forth in order to get to this point in their lives. Of course I cannot forgot to express my appreciation to the faculty and staff for all the effort they too have put into your educations to ensure that you not only graduate but also move on to become successful college students, employees, leaders, husbands and wives. Moving forward in life you will continue to develop and learn how to be more successful in all aspects of your life. One of the first things you need to do is become an effective team member. It is pretty safe to say that most of you would not have made it to this point if your faculty and staff had not been an effective team. There are several important aspects of having an effective team. Some of these include effective collaboration, delegating tasks, treating everyone in a fair and equal manor. Of course you cannot forget the most important part of team work, communication. Whenever there is something to be done, how you communicate the task needs to be the first thing you think about. If you do not communicate the task well it will not be done well. If there is a problem you will be able to fix, explain and prevent it from reoccurring a lot faster if you communicate well to everyone that is necessary in several ways. When I say communicate in several ways I mean use whatever means of communication you have available to ensure the message is delivered. I my line of work I have to deal with a lot of different people and many different levels of management. Anywhere from production laborers and leads all the way up to corporate directors of production and quality. If I have to communicate at the floor level the first and best way
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