Team Code of Conduct Draft Essay

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Writing a Team Code of Conduct is paramount to the foundation of any successful team. A team that fails to develop an effective Team Code of Conduct dooms any future work by the team, as the backbone of the team has been neglected. Lenkic (2011) lists a number of benefits to writing a key code of conduct, though the points that really build an effective team are that it creates a guidelines on how the team can communicate ideas amongst itself, as well as professional way to resolve internal disputes. Without this framework, a team will fail to share any information, between each member, and will effectively crumble under the pressure of the first challenge or dispute. With an effective team, it must be important to understand how tasks will be delegated. A Team Code of Conduct should reflect on any task delegation strategies, and how any discrepancies with task delegation can be resolved. This emphasises the point of communication; a lack thereof can cripple the team’s ability to succeed in solving a problem. Tracy (2012) suggests a list of strategies for delegating, though the key point to enforce in delegation is to ‘Delegate with participation and discussion. Invite questions and be open to suggestions. There is a direct relationship between how much people are invited to talk about the job and how much they understand it, accept it, and become committed to it. You need to delegate in such a way that people walk away feeling, ‘‘This is my job; I own it.’’’ (Tracy, 2012). Promoting healthy communication in task delegation allows the group to discuss and suggest ways to improve the tasks involved in solving a

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