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CONTENTS Introduction Page 3 Developing and Maintaining Trust at Work Page 4 Building the Team. Page 5-8 Bibliography. Page 9 INTRODUCTION At present I am a home manager working for a Jewish organisation called Yad Voezer which has been established for over eighteen years. The organisation consists of five homes that provide support for individuals with learning disabilities, Autism, mental health and epilepsy the home that I manage have seven ladies with learning disabilities. I manage a staff team of 25, which half of the team are over 50 years old and have been with the organisation for a long time. My duties are to hold supervisions, staff appraisals, compile and structure the rota. I also have to liase with the assigned CQC inspector and report to my line manager. I am also responsible for financial and budgetary issues. I am required to acknowledge the Jewish traditions (Sabbath, holidays, dress code). All the service users have been residing within Yad Voezer for at least 5 years or more. Yad Voezer is based within the heart of a Jewish community and is well known. I have been in post with the organisation now for 1 year and 4 months. And i am also responsible for the on-call rotary system for the managers on a weekly basis. 2. DEVELOPING AND MAINTAINING TRUST AT WORK I am responsible for a large diverse female team and it is very important to build trust and maintain confidentiality. As the manager I am the initiator of Trust within my team. It is important for me to recognise the value of trust and to promote competence, integrity and staff rapport. I always discuss the implications that can be faced

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