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Team Building Team Building is when a group of people are put together and are asked to work to complete a specific task or project. It is essentially designed to help the team’s performance, to motivate and individuals to be in a team that achieves well. Using icebreakers to bond with the other team members as well as deciding between yourselves whether the ideas you’re discussing are good enough or they aren’t. Putting forward a team leader is essential because he or she would give each individual member of the group a different task. A part of team building is disusing all your ideas even if they aren’t as good as hoped; it’s the team leader that has the final say on everything as it’s them leading the group. Team Performance The Team’s Performance strictly depends on how well they’re working together. All individuals should be assigned different tasks within the group then feedback to the rest of the team members what’s been said. This can increase their performance and make them good. If you didn’t assign a team leader and the individuals in your group different tasks, no one would know where to start and you probably wouldn’t do as well as expected. If all parts by the team are completed well enough you will be able to move on to the next part of the task. If the team has bad communication skills it won’t work out and the tasks won’t be accomplished. If someone wasn’t participating in the group the leader would have to decide whether they should stay or not. Team Cohesion Team Cohesion is an important idea for a small group trying to accomplish a task, after using some icebreakers to try and bond. The purpose of this is to accomplish common goals there will be team cohesion. It doesn’t matter how well team bonding and cohesion has gone the teacher leader should still be managed by the team leader of the group. The team should stick

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