Team Building Essay

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09 &10 June 2012 SUBMITTED BY: Shariffah Rekha Questions 1: a) State 4 reasons as to why people join groups? 1. To satisfy mutual interest The goal can be achieved more easily when a group effort is present as “United we stand, divided we fall”. The pool of talents, knowledge or power of doing things and management for job. Accomplishment is present when individuals act in group. 2. To achieve security The group enables the person to reduce a sense of in security and have stronger feeling with few self-doubts and more resistant to threats when they are a part of the group. 3. To fill social needs The groups can fulfill social needs. People enjoy the regular interaction that comes with the group membership. 4. To fill need for self-esteem The groups can help a person develop a sense of “to-belong”. This provides with feelings of self-worth and develops confidence in its members. b) Explain the difference between formal and informal groups? Difference between a group and an organization need to be sorted out first. An organization consists of two or more people expending systematic efforts towards some common goals which produce goods or services. Whereas a group of people consists of two or more individuals coming together for pursuit of a common concern such as common interest or friendship. 1. Individuals join groups, or are assigned to groups, to accomplish various purposes. If the groups f formed by a Manager to help the organization accomplish its goals, then it qualifies as a formal group. Formal groups typically wear such labels as work group, team, committee, quality circle, or task force. An informal group exists when the numbers ever riding purpose of getting together if friendship. Although formal and informal groups often overlap, such as a team corporate audits heading for the tennis courts after work, some

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