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When a team is organized the first thing that a team should do is learn something about the other teammates, it does not have to be a long or complicated name it can be something simple. We all know a name says a lot about people; therefore the team should come up with name that stands out and has meaning, for example “God’s Property”. Team building is truly an ongoing process there is always room for improvement. A team must have some diversity to function. Having diversity on a team helps the team to understand and value the differences on the team. In other words, if there are people who are of a different race or gender etc. each of these individual has something to add to the group. If the team did not have any diversity all their ideas would be the same therefore the team would not be successful. Team building all so consist of having someone who is chosen by the group as a whole to set up ground rules that the team should follow. These rules maybe anything from the meeting times to what is expected of you. The team leader would be somewhat of a mediator to provide feedback and motivation to the whole team. Team Building 3. Past Experiences My past experience working in teams has been good overall, however I have had some bad experience as well. Before going to college, I was never a part of a team so becoming a part of a project team was new to me. I did not know what to expect. My instructor first told everybody to pair up with who you want to be on the project team with, I did not know anyone, so I was wondering who would be good people to pair up with. I noticed everybody just picking the people that were close to them and I joined the people next to me. Everybody started to introduce themselves which I think was a good way to learn the differences each one of us had. which it is known that diversity is

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