Team-Based Health Care Delivery Essay

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Team-based Health Care Delivery Introduction: “These times, they are a-changin” (Bob Dylan 1964). This is the current landscape which is our healthcare delivery system. With the recent reforms to the American healthcare system by the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), as well as current trends in how healthcare delivery is taking place, American healthcare delivery systems are changing at an unprecedentedly rapid pace. In the year 2000, 57% of all physicians were in “independent practices” where ownership of the practice was wholly by the physician- That number will be a predicted 36% by the end of 2013 (Mitchell & Wynia et al 2012). As this shift from compartmentalized care morphs into a more team-based approach, Physicians, hospitals, support staff, tertiary care facilities and payers are beginning to work in a more collaborative approach to an efficient and value based delivery of care model. Improving the health care deliver in the United States requires a re-focus on three main areas(Thind & Sharma 2012): - Improving the overall health of specific demographics and populations - Reducing the delivery costs of the care being provided - Improving the overall experience of care Case Description: Mary, A single and attractive 24 year old female who is an only child with an otherwise unremarkable medical history notices a lump on one breast. She immediately removes her cell phone from inside her bra where it is frequently carried, and makes an appointment with her primary care physician who immediately sends her for testing. Upon further examination it is diagnosed as cancer of the breast and she is referred to an oncologist. She has just begun her first “real job” after finishing college and is on the company’s group insurance plan. Health care delivery team: In this hypothetical case, a team
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