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Above and Beyond Consulting Final Report By Tyrone Roney, Jeremy Scheib, Ladarrah Winston CanGo’s HR Suggestion One of the biggest problems we have found is the lack of communication in the infrastructure of your company. Communication is key in any partnership or business relationship even between coworkers. What we recommend is a restructuring of the managing roles in CanGo. Here are 7 ways we are going to restructure your company and give you the communication and chain of command that will help your business grow and grow. •Commit to quality over quantity, both in company size and product development. With hugely profitable websites being run by 1-2 people, thousands of employees don’t make you powerful. They make you expensive, necessitating an ambitious output schedule. Keep only those truly dedicated experts and ask them be accountable and resourceful; put out only those quality products which the group can confidently, passionately promote. •Become less organized. Organizational charts and major divisions were designed for the railway system. Each individual should bring an expertise to a team, and teams should be flexible enough to allow everyone involved in a project to discuss it from conception throughout development. Nothing new, including a film, should be executed in assembly-line fashion. •Make everyone an Imaginer. It should be part of everyone’s job description in some way, rather than a title. Each individual has a responsibility to look at the world around them and consider ways to make it more effective, enjoyable, and interesting. Sure, they may need to collaborate with someone else to execute on it, but that’s the next point. •Collaborate more: •…with the audience. Listen first. For example, do text-sentiment analysis in social media. Once you better understand the audience, introduce yourself and start contributing. Once
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