Teaching the Whole Child Essay

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Video Presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0UMEFM3N9w&feature=youtu.be My Plan: Rationale: This video is for a student teacher. Someone that is very new to the world of teaching and that needs to understand the basic rationale behind what effective teaching practices are. This video focuses on the teaching strategies for early primary years. It covers the main theories behind effective teaching practice such as constructivism, collaboration and upholding professional standards. This is a topic that has no clear answer, as there are so many different approaches to effective teaching. The key to this answer is that all people/ children are different and it is important to realize that they all don’t learn the same way. Each teaching strategy needs to be tailored to the class, and to the individual students. This video will benefit the viewer by opening them up to what sorts of activities happen in the modern classrooms and all the resources available to them. These ideas are not new but I guess it makes the viewer think about what sorts of practices that they will use when they teach and why they should use them. Timeline: Introduction: - 30 seconds Student wellbeing and Pastrol Care: - 1.5 mins Effective teaching Practices: - 2 mins Technology: - 30 seconds Conclusion – 30 Seconds Resources: Marsh C, 2008, Becoming a Teacher: Knowledge, Skills, and Issues, 4th ed, Pearson Education Australia, Freches Forest. Hurst C, Cooke A, 2010,Introduction to teaching, 1st Ed, Cengage Learning Australia, Melb, VIC. McMillan. J, 2011, Classroom Assessment – Principals and Practice for effective standards-based instruction, 5th ed, Pearson, Boston

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