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Teaching Survival Skills Ed 200 Essay

  • Submitted by: gmorris23
  • on February 11, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Teaching survival skills

After Watching the Teaching survival skills video I took away a lot of helpful information. The first thing I took from the video is don’t procrastinate when something is continuously “hanging over you”, it drains your energy and creates more tension. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Getting things done in a timely fashion can help you with organization and it removes stress when you k know that whatever you need to have done is always done.  
That brings me to another point and that is: Staying Organized. Planning is key and having a good plan with keep you from stressing to get things done. You will know where everything is and when things need to get done. It made me think of things like writing and essay. When I write an essay I always have to have an outline, a basic organization of what I am trying to do and where I am trying to put it. Preparing to do something if half the battle once you are prepared and organized doing the action becomes second nature.
Another point that was brought up was: Be a learner. Even though you are the teacher it wouldn’t hurt for you to be a learner. Learn things about your students that will help you better understand and connect with them. It also makes it easier for them to learn when learning is fun. When you can apply something that they love to the class room it will help them understand it. Take some time out to find what your students like and find away to apply it to the class.
I also learned that it doesn’t hurt to stop and take a breath. Just because you’re a teacher doesn’t mean you have to be taking from starting bell to closing bell. Stop taking, silence is golden. Being silent can give you just a few seconds to better gather your thoughts and give your students a few to gather theirs as well. Relax and take some time it will save your voice and give your students sometime to catch up.
Watching this video was very helpful. I am stressing about getting into the...

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