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Teaching Students With Disabilities Essay

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  • on November 29, 2011
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Teaching Students with Disabilities Project for Jack Smith

Illinois State University

Teaching Students with Disabilities Project

    Section 1: Getting to Know the Student

  A. Description

          For this project, I am working with Jack Smith. Jack is a twelve year old male, currently in the 7th grade at Point Junior High School (PJHS).   His placement is in a self contained behavior disorder classroom. Jack is a very fun and energetic student. He is one of the class leaders and is generally wiling to participate and volunteer in all subjects. Jack enjoys playing computer and video games. If Jack could he would spend his entire day in front of the computer or television. Not only does he work hard on his games, but Jack never gives up on his school work and always wants to learn more. Jack works hard to complete his school work, but is easily distracted by his hair. He constantly has it in his mouth and is chewing or sucking on it when he is talking to or working with peers and teachers. His habit is very distracting to the other students. It also is not very healthy, safe or sanitary.

  B. Data

          All of the following data in this section was gathered from Jack’s IEP and permanent school records. Jack was first referred for special services in the first grade.   At this time he was classified with a learning disability, as well as OHI (other health impairment). Jack’s current placement is in a self contained behavior disorder classroom. This was not his original placement; he is new to this classroom this year. Jack was unable to handle his disruptive behaviors in the general special education behavior classroom. The most recent standardized test scores for Jack are his 6th grade ISAT’s (Illinois Standard Achievement Test). He scored below grade level on both the reading and math subtest. His score in reading was a 202 and needed a 220 to be at grade level, and scored a 201 in math and needed a 225 to be at grade level....

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