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Teaching Special Education Kids Essay

  • Submitted by: jackys1214
  • on August 28, 2014
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In the movie Finding Nemo there are many characters that portray different characteristics that could be identified in a classroom setting. Just like every student in the world is unique in their own way, in the movie every sea creature has something that is unique about them as well. The three characters that stood out to me that I could possibly have in a classroom setting with those characteristics would be Nemo, Dory and Gurgle.
The first character is Nemo, who in the movie was born with an underdeveloped fin, in a classroom setting he would fall into the category born with a congenital hand anomaly. With the teachers’ assistance, some children will feel more comfortable starting off the school year by explaining to everyone why their hand looks different. This should be discussed with the child and family and planned out so the child feels confident and comfortable   (Copeland, 2010). If the child was comfortable enough I would have a question and answer discussion with the whole classroom, where other students could learn more about the child’s disability and to let them know there is no bulling tolerated. They have are the same capability as anyone because they have been able to adapt to their environment and function very well. In almost all cases, the child will be able to write and type on a keyboard. Depending on the type of hand anomaly, the child may type or hold a pencil differently than most children. This does not matter as long as the child is able to keep up with the demands of the classroom (Copeland, 2010). As long as the child is keeping up with the class and getting the work done it is best not to interrupt their wïay of doing such as: telling them they are holding the pencil wrong or correcting the way they use a music instrument. However if the child is needing help it is best to modify the activities so they could be able to participate with the classroom. Children with congenital hand anomalies can usually do anything they want to. It is...

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