Teaching School Counselors And School Psychologist Essay

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The article addresses the issue of effective partnerships between the professions of school counselors and school psychologist. With the increase of school counselors and school psychologists in public schools, there has been a blending of responsibilities and role confusion between the two. The result of that blending is described in the article and cited from the work of Murphy, DeEsh, and Sheir; school counselors and psychologists working ineffectively in isolation. However, if they were effectively collaborating more would be accomplished on the behalf of the students. The authors state that without proper awareness, training and real efforts toward establishing and maintaining effective partnerships between school counselors and school psychologist; connections may be hindered by many barriers. Some of those barriers were differing beliefs and values, administrative constraints, professional turf wars; and lack of training in collaboration (Staton & Gilligan, 2003). The purpose of the study was for the authors to determine current collaborative practices of school counselors and school psychologist. Some questions they seeked to answer from this study were, what are some of the common collaborative activities of school counselors and psychologist? How satisfied are school counselors and psychologists with these collaborative efforts? What is the perceived effectiveness of these collaborative efforts? What are some common barriers interfering factors to collaboration? What are some forces that facilitate collaboration efforts? The participants of the study were randomly selected members of two state professional organizations, the Virginia Counselors Association, and the Virginia Academy of School Psychologists. Surveys were mailed directly to participants with a cover letter that explained the purpose of the study, confidentiality, and the

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