Teaching Philosphy Essay

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I have wanted to become a teacher since I can remember. Teaching is one of the most important and rewarding careers that someone can choose. Having the ability to reach out to students and make a difference in their lives is the main reason why I want to become a teacher. I approach teaching as a way to be empowering and inspirational to my students. I hopefully will have made all students feel personally affected by my teachings. I want to take this opportunity to improve their quality of life using education. The students that I teach are number one and their needs come before anything else. I believe that teachers are the most influential people in a child’s life. It is important for me as a teacher to use my influence to challenge, guide, and support my students in a positive way. I hope that my influence will help to mold their personality and be confident in their self. When it comes to my student and parent involvement, I hope to create and keep a positive relationship. I expect my students to be respectful, follow the rules, and try their best in anything they do. I want students to take responsibility for their choices and know that they have the opportunity to make good choices. The parents play a large role in the education of their children. I know that it is not possible for every child’s parent to be involved but it is my goal to at least meet my parents and make sure that they are aware and knowledgeable of my educational plan for their child. I want to be there for my students and parents. Communities around schools play a huge role in the success of schooling our children. No matter if I am teaching in a rural or suburban community, I will be able to understand and adapt to the culture and needs of the community. This will help to influence the shape of the school’s culture and my classrooms culture. I will have an understanding and

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