Teaching Level 3 Essay

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Every Child Matters, the Children’s Act 2004 and the Education Act 2005 Background to Every Child Matters In 2003, the Government published a green paper called Every Child Matters - a programme aimed at transforming children's services. This was published alongside the formal response to Lord Laming’s report following the death of Victoria Climbié, the young girl who was horrifically abused and tortured, and eventually killed by her great aunt and the man with whom they lived. The green paper built on existing plans to strengthen preventative services by focusing on four key themes: · Increasing the focus on supporting families and carers - the most critical influence on children's lives · Ensuring necessary intervention takes place before children reach crisis point and protecting children from falling through the net · Addressing the underlying problems identified in the report into the death of Victoria Climbié - weak accountability and poor integration · Ensuring that the people working with children are valued, rewarded and trained Following consultation Every Child Matters: Change for Children was published. The Children’s Act 2004 was also passed, providing the legislative spine for developing more effective and accessible services focused around the needs of children, young people and families. Outcomes for children and young people Central to Every Child Matters are five outcomes that are most important to children and young people. These are to: · Be healthy · Stay safe · Enjoy and achieve · Make a positive contribution · Achieve economic well-being The five outcomes are universal ambitions for every child and young person, whatever their background or circumstances. Improving outcomes for all children and young people underpins all of the development and work within children's trusts. Children and young people learn and thrive when they are healthy, safe

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