Teaching and Coaching Philosophy

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Teaching Philosophy I believe that all students should receive a fair opportunity to participate in every class. Whether these students are great athletes or not is not the important thing, effort is. I believe that all classes should be a great educational experience for the students. Physical development is an essential area in the growth and success of any student. Individual growth will establish students with a total understanding towards their health as well as an education in future living skills. I believe participation in a physical education allows the students an opportunity to learn and formulate a healthy value structure. My main goal is to see my students improve in some areas, not always all, if I do this I have succeeded as a teacher. I want to teach my students the skills to be healthy and play some games, as well as to be successful later in life. The main goal for me is to see my students improve and give all they can. I will put my older student in situations where they will learn the understanding of positions and game plans, know how to budget time effectively, and also maintaining a high level of concentration. I feel my role as a motivator is extremely important. I will ask my students only to work at the best of their abilities and, in return, I assist in creating a healthy balance between that of hard work and enjoyment. Socially, I want my students to interact and establish good relationships with individuals within their social environment as well as within the community. I teach and encourage my students to attain a positive attitude in their own abilities, to gain respect and trust towards other each other, and have pride in representing their school. Overall I want my students to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle and be able to use the things I teach them in class in everyday life situations. Coaching Philosophy
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