Teaching Children About Road Safety

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TEACHING THE CHILDREN ABOUT ROAD SAFETY Learning Objectives • For children to understand what it means to look, listen and stop • For children to know that they should only cross roads when holding a carer’s hand and should never cross a road on their own. • For children to become familiar with the area around their early years setting. Activity 1 Read Bansi the best story - After the story, talk about what can be learned from it and ask questions: Where did Bansi go with her auntie? Why did Bansi think the city was big and noisy and strange? How did Bansi cross the road the first time? How did Bansi cross the road the second time? Why did Bansi’s father say she was a good teacher? What were the three things that Bansi remembered to always do when crossing the road (stop, look and listen). Show the three posters accompanying the story and talk about pedestrian and zebra crossings. Ask the children why it’s important to hold hands. When do we not need to hold hands? Why do we always need to stop, look and listen? Emphasise that the children should never try to cross a road on their own. Activity 2 Role play – pretend to cross the roads with the children This activity involves children pretending to cross the road, in pairs. A large space is needed and two pieces of tape or strips of paper can be used to represent the kerbs. Explain to the children that they are going to take turns to approach a pretend pedestrian crossing. Model what to do, showing the children the sequence of pressing the button then waiting to stop, look and listen. When the green man shows up they can cross (holding hands all the while) and should keep looking and listening as they do so. Activity 3 (To the tune of Incy Wincy Spider) Stop, Look and Listen before you cross the street. First you use your eyes and ears and then you use your feet. The red light

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