Teaching Assistant Stylistic Analysis

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An analysis of the types of evaluation, assessment and records used by the Teaching assistant in their school context given the national context and exemplar practice in this area, supported by relevant academic reading. NOTES: · TA’s use a variety of types of assessment for all different purposes. · Summative assessments – SAT’s, mock papers to determine what level the child is up to and what group to put them in. · Formative assessments – Salford reading test, helps inform for planning in curriculum areas, also to develop reading and interpretation skills. · Informative assessment – providing feedback to children, via homework, test results etc. · Examples of records that TA can keep. Reading records – amount of books read, types of books read, level of reading stage…show more content…
Formative Assessment · Formative assessments are used to com pile an overall picture of a child on their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement in any given curriculum area. This can also apply outside the curriculum area. · These types of assessment are done on a daily basis by both the TA and teacher. · Formative assessment are used by the TA in areas such as FLS, Springboard to assess what the child already knows and what areas the child needs to know and most cases the best possible way of teaching this. This is monitored through observations, completed pieces of work and verbal/ oral conversations with the children. There are strong opinions of summative assessments within school, especially SAT’s. One of the main feelings is that these types of assessments are not true to the child and they only count towards the politics sides of schools. They do not achieve anything for the children as they do not provide additional information of where the child needs extra help, nor does it provide information on where the next topic of teaching is to be

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