Teaching Assistant Level 3

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Teaching Assistant Level 3 – Assignment 4 Question 1: What are your expectations regarding what is acceptable behaviour for yourself, for the pupils in your school, and for the individual in society? My expectations in regards to what is acceptable behaviour are to be a law abiding citizen and to not be violent as well as not condoning any violence. I believe that I should: respect others; value their opinions; trust their judgments; and trust that they want what is best for their families. I wish to be in a pleasant environment therefore in regards with my behaviour I like to be: clean; not use bad language; treat others in the way in which I wish to be treated; and base my actions on what is right and wrong in respect to the law; and my personal morals. To ensure that I am always: polite; honest at all times; courteous whilst driving and abide by the Highway Code. Expectations I hold for pupils’ behaviour in my school would be that they follow school rules and any rules in which the class as a whole have devised together for their class. Pupils’ behaviour should consist of the pupils listening and understanding the rules acting appropriately at all time based on the information and knowledge in which they hold in regards to their behaviour and be aware if they do not abide by the rules they will face the consequences. Pupils should refrain from disrupting lessons and distracting fellow pupils. In addition to have good manners e.g. saying please and thank you. Pupils should be kind, understanding, supportive to one another, and respect pupils who may have learning difficulties or disabilities. Additionally pupils should be aware that no form of bullying will be tolerated and there will be consequences for those that do. Furthermore pupils should come to school ready to learn and have the correct uniform and equipment. Expectations I hold for an individual’s

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