Teaching Assistant Level 3

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Teaching Assistant Level 3 – Assignment 11 Question 1: Outline procedures for ensuring that Individual Education Plans for pupils are in place and regularly reviewed. Provide examples of the relevant forms, e.g. an Individual Education Plan; review sheets for pupil comments, parent comments and staff comments; record of review. Remember confidentiality. Individual Education Plans (IEP) has an educational purpose; it provides evidence of the agreed special educational interventions and other supports to be provided for the pupil together with recording parent, pupil and teachers’ professional views. An IEP also records the strategies that need to be used to enable a pupil to progress in the education system. An IEP is a written document prepared for a named pupil, specify the learning goals that are to be achieved by the pupil over a set period of time and the teaching strategies, resources and supports necessary to achieve those goals. The Individual Education Plan is developed through a collaborative process involving the school, parents, the pupil and other relevant personnel or agencies. It refers to the adapted or modified aspects of the educational programme and focuses on priority learning needs, although the pupil may also have other learning needs that will not require the same intensive degree of planning and monitoring. Not every aspect of the curriculum and school life needs to be modified for every pupil with special educational needs, only those areas which have been identified need arising from assessment should be covered. The amount of adaptation and support will vary according to the individual learning needs of each pupil. Some pupils with more complex needs may require significant educational modifications. The IEP provides teachers and parents with the opportunity to have a practical and realistic dialogue about the pupil’s needs and to
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