Teaching And Presentation Skills Essay - Critical Analysis Of Microteaching Session

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Teaching and Presentation Skills Teaching and presentation skills essay - critical analysis of microteaching session I conducted a microteaching session to my peers on the subject of Person Centred Active Support. Microteaching, according to Quinn and Hughes (2007) is a small group activity that looks at the performance of a skill and it taped in order for later evaluation by both the performer and group member for an action plan to be identified. In this essay I will use Gibbs (1998) model of reflection in order to critically analyse the teaching process, through the stages of planning, conducting the presentation and assessment of learning. The critical reflection process, aim to “assist the leaner to unearth and unsettle assumption (Particularly about power and thus to help identify a new theoretical basis from which to improve and change a practice situation” (Fook, 2007:368). It is important that as professional we continuously reflect upon our practice in order to improve the interventions that are provided for service users. As student nurse and social worker we must contribute to the promotion of best social work practice under the skill for care (2002) national occupation standard for social work. Gibbs (1998) model of reflection identifies six different stages in the cycle of reflection that continuously reflects upon and improves practice. The cycle involves describing the experience, an evaluation of the experience, an analysis of the experience, a conclusion from the experience and an action plan for future similar experience I will use this model when reflecting upon my microteaching session. I was asked to conduct a micro teaching session to my peers within the classroom environment for ten minutes, about a subject that I felt was relevant to our practice as joint practitioners. According to Russell (2002) a good lecturer

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