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CONTENT PAGE NO. 1. QUESTION 1 2 2. QUESTION 2 2 3. QUESTION 3 2 4. QUESTION 4 3 5. QUESTION 5 3 - 4 6. QUESTION 6 4 7. QUESTION 7 4 – 5 8. BIBLIOGRAPHY 6 QUESTION 1 INTRODUCTION Teaching and learning in the old system of learning was seen as to interties that do not coinside. The educator was the one who delivered the lesson(taught) and the learners were passive participants as there were merely in the classroom to listen and do as they were told. Teaching can be defined is an active process in which one person shares information with others to provide them with the information to make behavioral changes, whereas learning is the process of assimilating information with a resultant change in behavior. In the new education system these to concepts are seen as one as the teaching-learning process. Teaching-learning process is a planned interaction that promotes behavioral change that is not a result of maturation or coincidence. QUESTION 2 EFFECTIVE LEARNING Learning should not be done in means of delivering information to learners only, as an educator one should give learners an opportunity to discover and learn actively in and outside the classroom. In my opinion, this is the way to achieve affective learning. According to Wittrock (1982, pp. 1-2) “The cognitive perpestive is a shift from viewing the learners and their behaviours as products of incoming environmental stimuli” to seeing the learners as “sources of plans, intentions, goal, ideas, memories, and emotions actively used to attend to, select and construct meaning from stimuli and knowledge from experience.” I teach in a school where English is a second additional subject due to this, most learners find it difficult to understand instructions in most of their

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