Teaching and Learning Essay

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Table of Contents Question 1 2 Question 1.1: Learning process 2 Question 1.2: role of teacher in outcomes-based education 2 Question 1.3: factors that will influence test reliability 3 Question 1.4: factors in the learning environment that influences learner’s learning style 3 Question 1.5: media usage in the classroom 3 Question 1.6: teacher’s view of learning influences the way they teach 6 Question 2 8 You can use different techniques in the classroom to motivate learners. 8 Praise Students in Ways Big and Small 8 Expect Excellence 8 Spread Excitement Like a Virus 8 Mix It Up 8 Assign Classroom Jobs 9 Hand Over Some Control 9 Open-format Fridays 9 Relating Lessons to Students’ Lives 9 Track Improvement 10 Reward Positive Behavior Outside the Classroom 10 Plan Dream Field Trips 10 Bibliography 11 Question 1 Question 1.1: Learning process According David Kolb’s (1984) model (based on the experiential learning theory) it identifies four modes in the learning cycle: concrete experimentation, reflection, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation. Basically this means that we learn by doing something (concrete experimentation), thinking about it (reflection), doing some research, talking with others and applying what we already know to the situation (abstract conceptualization) and doing something new or doing the same thing in a more sophisticated way based on our learning (active experimentation). Honey and Mumford (1982) identified four learning types associated with Kolb’s modes in the learning cycle: activists, reflectors, theorists, and pragmatists. These might be considered approaches to learning. Other learning styles theorists have developed models based heavily on the processes involved in perceiving and processing new information. Howard Gardner’s theory on multiple intelligences is an example of this. During lesson

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