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Teaching a Sport Essay

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  • on December 4, 2013
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Teaching Assignment

Performance goal of a person is to hit a tennis ball served by another teammate in game conditions

1. it begins with a closed version of the open skill. The coach keeps the player in regulatory conditions which will be stationary. The player throws the ball in the air and serves it to the other side.
2.   Then the coach keeps the same conditions (stationary) but has intertrial variability. The coach is not bouncing the ball to the player to hit the ball over to the other side of the net.
3. Next practice proceeds to an open version of skill the coach still have regulatory conditions but they are now in motion but intertrial variability absent.   Instead of receiving the ball from the coach tossing it at him/her they are not having a machine pitch it to them.
4. Lastly, the coach has the player to practice the skill open completely.   There is another second teammate who comes and serves the ball to the player.
1. Location: Gym. Formation: player will have a tennis racket and about two balls. Method: The coach will demonstrate how it should go then let the player(s) do it themselves. Frequency:   Would let the player(s) do it on their own for about ten minutes, and then the coach will step in again just to show the player again for a fresh reminder.
2. Location: Gym. Formation:   player(s) will have a tennis racket and one ball Method: The coach will demonstrate how he will toss you the ball and how you should hit the ball when it is getting served to you. Frequency: Since the coach is the partner, there would only be a reminder when the player did something wrong.
3. Location: Tennis Court. Formation: player will have just a tennis racket. Method: Coach will demonstrate how the machine works and what kind of speed the machine will go, shows the player how to hit the ball out the machine. Frequency: Let player get a hang of the machine not much interruption.
4. Location: Tennis Court. Formation:...

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