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Perusing Poetry: Reading It, Writing It! Fourth Grade Katharine Brown Nancy Schafer—CT Kathy Mahoney—FI Fourth Grade, Haisley Elementary Poetry Unit Plan Overview: Students will do a reading and writing genre study of poetry including the reading of several poems of different poetic structure, responding to poetry both individually and in groups, and writing and sharing poetry. Each week, students will read and write poems centered on a different theme. Students will brainstorm and write poems within different poetic structures each week. A record of student reflections, brainstorming, and poem drafts will be kept in a spiral-bound notebook. Rationale: In connection to both the Ann Arbor curriculum and the Michigan GLCEs, this poetry unit gives students the opportunity to not only read, write, and respond to poetry, but also affords them a chance to express creatively, channel emotions and responses in a potentially novel format, and to gain exposure to an often under-appreciated, little-read genre of literature. Context: Students have just finished writing animal research papers. Per AAPS, the poetry unit comes next for Writer’s Workshop. This poetry unit is an extension of the foundation specified by the Michigan Curriculum Framework established beginning in Kindergarten. Links to Standards: W.GN.04.02 write poetry based on reading a wide variety of grade-appropriate poetry R.NT.04.02 identify and describe the structure, elements, and purpose of a variety of narrative genres including poetry, myths, legends, fantasy, and adventure. Objectives: Students will be able to… 1. Read and respond to several different poetic structures. 2. Generate ideas for and write poems. 3. Share responses to published poetry. Summative Assessment The final product to be judged for a grade in this unit will be the student poetry

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