Teachin Assitant Diploma L3 - Assignment 1

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Assignment 1 1. Summarise the main development of a child from the age range of 0-2 years, 3-5 years and 5-8 years. All children will go through the same 5 development stages during the first eight years their life: Physical Development, Intellectual Development, Language development, Emotional Development and Social Development. However, it is important to remember that no two children are the same, and every child should be supported individually according to their development needs. Physical Development: From birth a baby will start its development journey. At first a baby will lay on their back, then start lifting their head and kicking and will become fascinated by their own fingers and hand movements. By six months old, a baby can grasp objects, transfer them from hand to hand and as their head control is much improved, it becomes inevitable that with any object held, an attempt to put it in their mouth will be made. Mobility starts around the 9 month stage, starting off as rolling then progressing to shuffling, crawling, then finally attempts at walking unaided at 12 months. Every child is different and some children can go from shuffling to walking attempts, missing a big milestone such as crawling. Between a child’s first and second birthday, they will become much more mobile and from their first attempts at walking, they will become more confident with walking, running, climbing and throwing. By three years old a child will have learnt most methods of movement. They will be able to walk backwards, sideways and on tiptoes. They may even be confident enough to jump from low heights, and be able to ride a tricycle. By four years old a child should be able to catch, throw and kick balls. They should be confident with balance and able to walk in a straight line. By a child’s fifth birthday physical activities, such as skipping,
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