What is a teachers role in creating a productive classroom environment? Essay

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A child would normally perceive teachers as the great source to all knowledge, as second mothers, as experts or as counsellors. Teachers are big decision makers. Why? They make decisions that will affect the lives of children. They are the ones that will either make or break them. They decide on how to create an environment where all children can learn. The role of a teacher in a productive classroom environment is an important one. The teacher needs to be constantly interacting, observing, planning and assessing the environment throughout the day in order to meet the needs of children and their families. In this essay, I will be discussing the aspects of what makes a productive classroom environment in respect to the role of a teacher. It is often said that what the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches. This may be true to some extent but this does not mean that the teacher’s knowledge should be neglected. It is obvious to a teacher that in order to teach on a particular topic or subject, the teacher must have the basic knowledge in order to be able to impart knowledge to the next generation. Not only is the content knowledge crucial, but the pedagogical knowledge also contributes to the process of children’s learning. As children are seen as individuals, it is only fair that the teacher should cater to every individual by being able to teach differently at different angles. The different teaching styles takes into consideration the different learning styles of the child which will be further discussed later on. Another important aspect to the teacher’s knowledge is that of general pedagogical knowledge. This is where the classroom management fits in, where it is the teacher’s strategies which creates and maintains an organised learning environment. In every classroom there is sure to be complexities. However, complexities or not, an effective

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