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1. The teacher rearranged the seating to make it more uniform, he voted himself to be the project leader and made the students call him Mr. Wenger for respect as a dictatorship would be. The teacher made it so that nobody talks without permission, and when they do talk they must stand up. Mr. Wenger made the kids sit straight so that they seem more respectful towards the dictator, and make their answers to the point. The leader created a bizarre energy which everyone was caught up in. Mr. Wenger kicked the rebellious people out of the class for discipline, like with Kevin. He also uses a marching drill, which was used in so many communist dictatorships to show the power of unity. He made a common enemy for the class with the subordination of the anarchy class. He made his students dress the same way, which improved their uniformity. He ostracized those who didn't believe in the project or those who didn't wear the uniform. He created a wave, just like how the dictators eliminate all other parties and call themselves Nazis or soviets. He made logos, which would represent the people in his class and support a sense of unity. He made his people help out for the good of the party, just as many of the dictatorships enlist help from their peoples. 2. He makes his students stand up to talk, so that their circulation and attention increases. Mr. Wenger uses the tactic of discipline to make sure that his students stay in line, and so that he had power. He kicked Kevin out of his class just like Hitler got rid of the dissidents of his power and regime. He makes the kids do exercises and supports fitness, just like Hitler supported the cult of the body. Wenger uses the power of unity in his classroom by doing group exercises and marching in time which is awfully reminiscent of the demonstrations Hitler did with his youth. He also uses the anarchy class as the scapegoat or

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