Teacher's Tenure

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A GREAT TEACHER BUILDS A GREAT NATION “Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty” Albert Einstein. This is a great quote by Albert Einstein which clearly shows the real meaning of what teaching is all about. A teacher should have this kind of intention on teaching as it is a valuable gift, rather than a duty you do because you get paid. A good teacher can make or break a society. In this present era both United States of America and Canada faces two main challenges with regard to the education system and the teachers’ contract. The teacher’s contract has a large impact on the education system of both the countries and it directly affects the students’ performances. Teachers’ unions are recognized as representatives of teachers of both countries’. Collective bargaining is one of the main things that unions do. They bargain over wages, benefits, and working conditions. Tenure is one thing that teachers Unions use that is wrong. Tenure is the guarantee of teachers having their job. This was originally supposed to protect teachers from being fired by administrators.USA education system is currently facing major problem due to the teachers’ Unions and the Tenure. First of all, teachers unions are disastrous to a child's education. For example, in "Waiting for Superman" by Davis Guggenheim, demonstrates how unions are just about the adults, and how unions are not beneficial to the students. Guggenheim states, "The things we've done to help the schools have become the thing that prevents them from working" (Guggenheim, 2010). Director and writer Davis Guggenheim, best known for his film An Inconvenient Truth, highlights the issues holding American school children back; from government’s system that controls the teaching system which is, to bad teachers who can’t be fired also known as Tenure. In this

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