Teacher's Opinion Essay

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The focus interview was conducted with two teachers, Mr. Bricx , who is a science high school teacher at Trinity University of Asia high school and the other one is Mr. Carlo Pialan, a science professor from Adamson university. Based on the interview it was perceived that educational television programs are credible and useful for students. It was able to support study because of the concrete examples how educational television programs was able to influence the minds of students. Based on Mr. Bricx's observation these educational programs were able to help his students when it comes to their interest in studying. He believes that these educational programs can give students information that can be very useful for them in the future. These educational television programs also helped his students to gain confidence with their selves when it comes to reciting and answering questions in class that lead to great performances of his students. Also according to him watching "Matanglawin" made his students eager to help conserve the environment. It was able to support the main goal of the research which is to determine the influence of Matanglawin on High school students towards environmental issues. Mr. Bricx commented how his students wanted to do a project to help save the environment. This explains how “Matanglawin” influence the knowledge of the students regarding the environments and what are the problems facing it today. In addition to that, Mr. Bricx and Mr. Pialan pointed out that because of the catchy visuals and audio that Matanglawin have, it makes it more interesting for students. In the view of Cultivation theory it says that television is responsible for shaping, or ‘cultivating’ viewers conceptions of social reality. (http://www.utwente.nl/cw/theorieenoverzicht/Theory%20Clusters/Media,%20Culture%20and%20Society/Cultivation_Theory-1/) In the case
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