Teacher's Dead, Character description

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Teacher’s Dead Character Description Reason of the election, physical description and personality: The character I choose is Warren. The reason of this is because I feel identified with him. The first reason of this is because I can imagine him as a boy of 15-16 years old. Also I can imagine him with similar physic aspects with me, a small boy, not tall at all, with a small body with not many muscles. I feel also identified with Warren’s personality, because as we can notice on the history, he is a shy boy, of only few words. Another characteristic of him is that he is fearful boy, that can’t say everything he knows because he doesn’t want to be bulled. Function of the character on the book Warren is a boy that appears not many time, but every time he appears its to reveal important things. The two most important things he reveals to Jackson on the story are, first the name of the four bullers that were attacking Jackson Jones, and then, he help Jackson to reach the deepest part of the case. He did this telling him about who the supposed mother of Ramzi was, and what she did for him, such as giving him cider that then Ramzi brought to the bullers. In my opinion warren is a closed child, shy, and of only few words, but when he talk is to say something really important, something he knows but he feel fear to say it to the people. When he gets enough courage to tell what he knows, happens what we can see on the history, just helping Jackson with an important piece to resolve the
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