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Becoming a Teacher and Writer It was a crisp cool morning on February 2nd 2011. Eagerly, I anticipated Advanced Writing for Teachers. I was excited to take the class because I always enjoyed writing; I believed I wrote well. Mr. Smith, the teacher, assigned the class an autobiography of our writing history as the first assignment of the semester. “This will be easy”, I thought- that was until my paper came back graded. “My poor paper!” I thought. My graded paper looked as if every other word consisted of some type of error. I always earned A’s on writing papers and did not understand what happened. It is safe to say my experience in Advanced Writing class was anything but easy. Before taking this class, I generally wrote creatively which focused more on content than structure and grammar. The creative part was easy. The thoughts came and I wrote them down. I found out I needed to think differently about writing. I needed to put more thought into how I wrote, not just, what I wrote. I struggled with writing, in the same way that an athlete learns to apply his training without losing his love of the sport. I had to discipline myself to improving my writing skills. Through each paper and each class, my writing developed and I became more aware of my strengths and weaknesses. I have made realizations about myself as a writer, and set goals, which will continually improve my writing. The thing I have realized the most through my writing experiences is that as a writer, there is always room for improvement. No matter how well a person writes, even professional writers, a person can improve their writing. Before taking the course, Advanced Writing for Teachers, I always thought my writing to be good enough; now I understand the importance of improvement. By improving my writing, I sound more professional. Another realization I made is that grammar makes my writing more

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