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ACTION RESEARCH INVESTIGATING THE AMOUNT OF TEACHER TALK IN MY CLASSROOM THOMAS WARREN-PRICE The University of Birmingham MA TEFL/TESL Distance Learning Programme Classroom Research and Research Methods July 31st, 2003 Assignment # 1 Devise and conduct a piece of research which will investigate the amount of talk you do in your classroom. A short introductory section should summarise findings to date in the area you are investigating. You should make a list of expectations/hypotheses before implementing the research. These should be based on the following pre-research self-evaluation. Amount of time I think I spend talking in class 0-20% 20-40% 40-60% 60-80% 80-100% Amount of time I think I should spend talking in class 0-20% 20-40% 40-60% 60-80% 80-100% On analysing your results, do you find your expectations fulfilled. Do you feel you need to make any changes to the amount of (verbal) input you provide for your students? Describe and justify the changes you would make. 1 Introduction In this qualitative action research project, I intend to discover a pattern in the percentage of my teacher talk time which I regard excessive. From the findings I aim to develop an awareness of my teaching practice and ways to avoid ‘needless or over-lengthy explanations and instructions’ (Richards and Lockhart, 1996: 114), or refine my questioning and explanations methods. Furthermore, through this research, I hope to become more conscious of, and develop, successful ways to address L2 learners with effective ‘presentation’ techniques (Ur, 1991: 11). Considering the limited amount of oral language practice time L2 learners have access to, the degree to which teacher talk dominates language lessons is an often debated and researched topic. Following the recent trend towards more ‘learner-centred’ teaching strategies, Nunan (1991: 198) states:

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