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David C. Carter Professor Fuller Library Research 1 May 2012 Teacher Fires blanks at scared group of students. This welding teacher lined up twelve kids and reportedly fired blanks at them for no obvious reason at the time. My first thought would be that this teacher either has a very twisted sense of humor, or the kids drove him to asking his teacher friend to borrow the blank gun. The gun never had the ability to cause any real harm nor does it possess the ability to do anything but make a loud noise. For all intents and purposes I think that this guy is in the right. Thinking back to when I took shop classes I did nothing but screw around. After years of seeing kids disgrace the thing you’re trying to pass on, the very thing you love, it would drive the best of us mad. And after watching a video on the event it is even said that he yelled “I hate your generation and everything it stands for.” This almost proves my theory in one swift kick. Works Cited. Pullman, Laura “High school teacher ‘lined up terrified students and fired blanks at them’ during class” 22, April 2012 This particular article favors the teachers’ actions, in some ways. A parent of one of the kids lined up and shot at is willing to back the teacher in court. This article has shown how parents believe in some form of punishment; it will help me because I also support the teachers’ actions. I was browsing yahoo when I stumbled upon this particular story, from then on I did immense research on a few different sources. Evidence: the direct link to this story is http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2133587/High-school-teacher-lined-terrified-students-fired-blanks-class.html Goldman, Russel “Teacher Charged with Firing Blanks Pistol at Students.” Apr. 23 2012 This particular article is kind of a blanket covering what happened and what charges he could face. Finding the full

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