Teacher Advocacy Essay

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Running head: TEACHER ADVOCACY Teacher Advocacy xxxxxxxxxxxx Grand Canyon University EDU 576 April 14, 2010 What is a teacher? Is he/she a person who holds a job in an educational field? Is he/she a person who baby-sits your child during the day? Is he/she a person who instills lifelong knowledge in your children? Is he/she a person who encourages your children to do their best? Is he/she a person who finds the best in your child and is passionate about their work? In this speech the following will be discussed, what is a teacher, my beliefs about a teacher, and the challenges that are faced by teachers. As a future educator, one should be appalled if anybody answers, “yes” to the first two questions. If someone answers, “yes” to the latter questions then they are absolutely right. A teacher is someone who is passionate about learning. It takes a special kind of person to teach and it is not a job. Teaching is a career and not something to be taken lightly. Teachers have such a tremendous impact on their students by being more than just an educator. A teacher is a role model. A teacher is a supporter. A teacher sees the best in all her students. A teacher is often your child’s number one fan. A teacher has a big role to fill and does it with ease. Students appreciate educators that possess those qualities. Some students do not receive encouragement at home and having a teacher who does care makes them want to succeed in life. If a student has one person who believes in him/her that is often the difference between success and failure. The role of a mother, father, and counselor are roles teachers often fill. Some students do not have motherly figures in their lives and find this comfort in their teacher. If you close your eyes and remember a special person that had an impact on your life, I am sure it was probably a teacher. Secondly, A
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