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ECUADORIAN CULTURE When I was listening to the different cultures about countries, I was thinking that in my country Ecuador we have many different cultures and idioms that form part of our history. Ecuador is a multiethnic and multicultural nation. Ecuador has about 15 million people, and it’s divided into 4 regions like (Sierra, Coast, Amazon and Galapagos Islands), but all of them are different in cultures. We consider the ethnic regional diversity of Ecuador to study its culture. We have mestizos, indigenous, Afro – Ecuadorian, and whites and regions such as the coast, the mountains, and the east and island region. Around Ecuador the official language is Spanish and the second the ancestral language Quechua, besides those we have another idioms that are spoken in Ecuador by a few people according their town. Lenguas barbacoanas awapit, tsafiki, cha'palaachi, caranqui (†), pasto (†) Lenguas cañar-puruhá (†) cañari (†), puruhá (†) Lenguas chocó epera Lenguas jivaroanas shuar (de la etnia shuar), achuar Lenguas quechuas Quichua norteño, quecha Lenguas tucanoanas siona, secoya Lenguas zaparoanas záparo Lenguas aisladas wao, cofán, esmeraldeño (†), Panzaleo (†) I wrote them in Spanish because they are difficult to tell them in English. Maybe the things that I wrote before they don’t fit with the essay asked by you, but I’m writing this in order to show you that if somebody wants to study about Ecuadorian culture, you have to visit the four regions and minimal 5 different cities for each region to imagine something about the culture. Coast Region The typical food in Ecuador is: guatita, rice with menestra and meat / chicken, or pork, caldo de salchicha, encebollado, ceviche, seco de chivo, sancocho de bagre, bolon de verde, patacones, caldo de tronquito etc, those kind of food you will find in most of the cities of the Coast region

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