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Investigating Attitudes of ELT (2) Learners Towards Microteaching Al-Quds Open University Case Study Dr. Khaled A.Dweikat /Al- Quds Open University Abstract Foreign language teaching is an undeniably complex activity. It requires a great deal of specialized knowledge in the field of teaching and learning, high standards of professional knowledge and high standards of professional conduct. With the recent explosion in language teaching nowadays, there has been an increased demand for language teachers and the consequent need to train these teachers. Microteaching, in this regard, is currently used to train the students of the ELT Methodology (2) course at QOU. Therefore, the present study aimed to investigate the attitudes of ELT Methodology (2) learners towards on -campus microteaching at Al-Quds Open University in the second semester of the 2009/2010 academic year. Furthermore, the study aimed at investigating the effect of age and gender on the participants' attitudes. The population of the study consisted of 96 learners ( 75 females and 15 males) chosen randomly from the three educational regions of Nablus, Rammallah and Jericho. To achieve the study objectives, the researcher built a 55-item questionnaire to collect information about the two possible predictors (age and gender) and the predicted or dependent variable ( learners' attitudes towards microteaching). The study revealed that age and gender have no significant affect on learners' attitudes towards microteaching and that the learners' attitudes were positive towards microteaching. In light of the study results, it was recommended that a more flexible environment for training TEFL learners at QOU be established. Micro lessons should be videotaped or recorded and ELT 2 teachers must be trained to improve their microteaching skills. Key words: Microteaching, ELT Methodology, Attitudes. Introduction

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