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D. Scholar Geography 1 November 11, 2012 Test Corrections #1 Question: Which atmospheric heating process involves the emission of energy from an object? Correct Answer: E) Radiation My Answer: D) Why it’s Wrong: Radiation is the right answer because it has much stronger. It’s stronger than transmission, scattering, reflection and absorption. A good example would be: if your wearing a black shirt out in the sun you would be much hotter than if you’re wearing a white shirt. The black shirt would also fade over time because the suns rays would eat up the shirt. #2 Question: Which method of heat transfer describes vertical circulation of a fluid as in Hadley Cell? Correct Answer: C) My Answer: A) Why it’s Wrong: Convection, Because of the circulation in the Hadley cell, two pressure belts are created. The first is a belt of semi permanent high pressure that results from the sinking air at 30°. This belt of high pressure is called the subtropical ridge. The second pressure belt is a trough of low pressure near the Equator. #5 Question: Greenhouse gases include all of the following Except: Correct Answer: D) My Answer: A) Why it’s Wrong: Im not sure what I was thinking, but organ Ar is not included in greenhouse gases. Water vapor, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide are included in the greenhouse gases. #11 Question: The region where the inter-tropical convergence zone (ITCs) can found is Correct Answer: B) My Answer: E) Why it’s Wrong: The mid latitudes was not the correct answer. For some reason I thought the mid latitudes was the equator. I guess I was wrong. The equator has most of the tropical convergence zones witch is (ITCs). #14 Question: If a sailboat is becalmed due to lack of wind its location is likely to be: Correct Answer: D) My Answer: C) Why it’s Wrong: My answer was wrong because 30 degrees South has some winds. And 60

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