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Essay : When a baby is born, it does not know the intricacy of external world. The mother act as an interface between the new born baby and the external world. She is the first teacher who teaches the baby how to survive in this world. I strongly agree that parents are the best teachers. The journey of learning starts at home. Children knowingly or unknowingly accepts their parents as first teachers. Because of special bonding shared between the parents and children they will become the former become the best teacher for the later. For parents this special bonding plays as vital role in understanding what the child wants and helps the to create the right ambience for learning. As I said the journey starts with simple learning about the external world. The curious child looks for its mother to help her the understand what she is seeing and hearing. This phenomenon continues with learning of talking, walking and playing. We should not forget that it is the mother who has teaches the basic and most essential qualities. Children always learn lot things from their father. Children learn a lot about the outdoor activities from their father. It is the father how teaches how the wheel rotates, how fish swims which ignites the children desire to learn more about the nature. Most of the basic qualities like negotiation, humanity, communication which are essential to survive on earth are learnt from our parents. Parents play and important role in shaping the child's life. As the child grows, it becomes ambitious to explore new world. Being close to kid for several years, parents have better understanding of what their kid looking for. This basic knowledge makes them to be the best teacher. Knowing the true potential of the child, the parent can turn to be a transformational leader by guiding the child to find its true capability. To conclude, A best teacher is one who

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